Thursday, April 17, 2008

7/7 accused 'trained for jihad' - BBC News

A convicted al-Qaeda terrorist have told how one of the work force accused of helping the 7 July bombers trained for jihad.

Mohammed Junaid Babar, in jailhouse in the United States, told Kingston Crown Court Muhammad Shakil had attended a preparation encampment in Cashmere before 9/11.

Babar met Mister Shakil and Pb 7 July bomber Muhammad Sidique Caravansary in Islamic Republic Of Pakistan in 2003, the tribunal heard.

Mr Shakil, Waheed Muhammad Ali and a 3rd Leeds man, Sadeer Saleem, all deny conspiring to do an explosion.

They are accused of carrying out a reconnaissance trip to Greater London in December 2004.

During the trial's opening, the jury heard that Caravansary and Mister Shakil flew to Islamic Republic Of Pakistan in July 2003 to go to what the prosecution said was a preparation camp.

Appearing by a unafraid picture nexus from New York, Babar told the tribunal that he had pleaded guilty in 2004 to terrorism offences.

Al Qaeda fixer

Babar said that in July 2003 he had gone to Capital Of Pakistan Airport with another man, known only as Ausman, to pick up three British work force who were flying in to go to a preparation camp.

Babar had organise physical preparation and visible light ammo fire while Ausman had paid the £5,000 costs.

They said that they had already been for that type of preparation before and that there was no demand to travel through it again

Muhammad Babar

The two Leeds work force were on the same flight, the tribunal heard, but there to ran into another al-Qaeda fixer, known only as Khalid.

They were arriving to detect whether or not Islamic State Of Afghanistan was "open" for aliens to struggle jehad alongside the Taleban and others.

"Khalid was working for this individual called "Q" in England," said Babar.

"Khalid was running things for him in Pakistan. He was helping al-Qaeda with their needs. Khalid was running the operation for Q in Pakistan."

Babar said that he met Mister Shakil and Caravansary in the reachings hallway - and they used the anonyms "Zubair" and "Ibrahim".

They said they had arrived to happen out how easy it would be to struggle in Afghanistan, Babar told the court.

Kashmir training

Later, during a meeting at an Capital Of Pakistan apartment, the brace were asked if they wanted to go to the organised preparation camp.

Waheed Ali, Sadeer Saleem and Muhammad Shakil deny the charge

"They said that they had already been for that type of preparation before and that there was no demand to travel through it again," said Babar.

"Were they [Khan and Mister Shakil] together when they told you that?" asked Alice Paul Taylor, prosecuting.

"Yes," replied the American.

Khan told Babar that after the preparation in Kashmir, which took topographic point before 9/11, he had gone on to struggle in Afghanistan.

Asked what feeling he had of the two men, Babar said that they were "close friends". He said he had a clear thought of Khan's mental attitude towards jihad.

"His mental attitude at that clip was just towards Afghanistan," said Babar.

"And Zubair?" asked Mister Taylor.

"His was just the same. He was just interested in the jehad in Afghanistan."

The trial continues.

Trial coverage for the BBC News website: Saint Dominic Casciani

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