Wednesday, September 24, 2008

No Offense to Our Veterans?

There have been some talking lately as to the criminalism of our returning veteran soldiers and its impact on our society. Inflammatory remarks have got been made and a defence of our veteran soldiers have been proffered. Cogency resounds upon both sides of the statement as our veteran soldiers travel on and seek to dwell their lives.

I have got got only been arrested twice for drive under the influence, I state only because I have driven intoxicated many times. To state that this is the extent of my criminal activity would be misleading. Most of my felonious behaviour resulted in tearing up my ain personal place or my wife's, getting into fightings with the whole bar, and instigating or looking for problem in any form. It was God's approval that I did not weave up in jailhouse or prison house on assault complaints from the numerous modern times that I beat out individual in a blackout of rage.

With a head reeling in the rhythm of survival, a feeling of demand to prosecute the epinephrine haste overwhelms the person. The endurance manner having been triggered feeds off of unsafe states of affairs owed to the fighting or flight defensive attitude mechanism. Survival depends on a reactionist antiphonal reflex, a instantaneous battle of life threatening situations. A soldiers preparation suppresses the flight part of this evolutionary setup leaving only one option for the veteran, ego destructive behavior.

The drive military unit behind criminal activity for the veteran soldier soldier come ups out in states of affairs as unplanned overreactions to stimuli in our environment. Societies law enforcement, medical and mental wellness institutions, and judicial systems have got small apprehension of the warfare veteran soldiers position on life. A punitory attack to dealing with these people would only compound the mental wellness issues prevailing in our armed armed combat veterans.

When I hear of the offense and incendiary conversations by people with small comprehension or compassionateness on the subject of combat veteran soldiers clashing with society I experience very much disrespected. I intend really, how make we anticipate our soldiers and veteran soldiers who have got been on multiple deployments in Republic Of Iraq to act? Most of these soldiers have got been in a armed combat zone for an norm of 2 to 3 YEARS, yes you read that right, years. Wayside bombs, their brother blown apart correct adjacent to them, slugs whizzing by, RPG's, is that kid going to blow me up? Try life with this for old age and see how that mightiness affect your mental ability to divide and separate knowledge into comprehensible interactions.

No discourtesy to our veterans? Please, trim me the rhetoric. Go make some research and brushwood up on your cognition of the state of affairs from more than than one narrow perspective.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Navy Stories Episode 1 - The Introduction

The Decision To Join

For as long as I can retrieve I wanted to be a Navy SEAL. I believe it is because of a combination of reasons. Both my father and blood brother were in the Army and they both are really into sports. My father always talked about being person large and being my ain man. Iodine wanted to to make something to exceed them and to affect them.

I retrieve thinking that Navy SEALs are the best of the best and that is what I desire to be.

Notes: sealing wax is an acronym for SEa. Air and Land. Which intends they can run trading operations and onslaught the enemy from any geographical country or terrain. Navy SEALs are the most elite armed military units particular forces unit of measurement in the world. They have got the most hard preparation known to man. The SEALs are trained to never discontinue no substance what. This doctrine of strength in the individual brands them virtually unstoppable as a team.

I don't retrieve the exact day of the month I told my parents about joining the Navy but I cognize It was sometime during my junior twelvemonth of high school. My ma was not too happy about it but she wouldn't state me not to go. My ses were concerned but it was peace clip at the time. My blood blood brother was always a small tough on me and I retrieve my brother saying, "So you desire to be a bad buttocks huh? When you acquire back I am just going to kick your ass. Just to demo you how bad buttocks you aren't. Hahaha!"

I retrieve telling my dada that I wanted to travel to the Navy to go a SEAL. He gave me a public lecture about the military and agreed that I should travel if that is what I really wanted to do. My father was drafted into the Army for 2 old age during the Socialist Republic Of Vietnam era. He explained to me the difference between wanting to go, and being drafted, but I was very determined at that clip to go the best so I did not care.

One twenty-four hours the recruiters came to my school and gave some addresses and walked around talking to the pupils and went ahead I enlisted during my junior twelvemonth of high school. I joined the early hitch programme so I would be ready to travel as soon as I graduated.

The Recruiter's

Those recruiters really sock it to you with the motivational addresses and bullshit, but when you are immature they are very impressive people. They will pretty much state you anything to acquire you in.

When I went to the recruiter's business office he showed me assorted pictures of Navy sealing wax preparation to demo me how difficult it was. The pictures showed them holding boats over their caputs and running pathetic distances. They did dozens of different callisthenics and really tough preparation procedures. They showed them infiltrating and taking over buildings, etc. Iodine was not deterred by the training. I felt like I would be able to manage it. The recruiter was surprised at how determined I was to be a SEAL. He said that most of the people he demoes the pictures alteration their head right away.

I had been approached by other recruiters from different subdivisions before but I chose the Navy instead. It was entertaining observation the recruiters reason that their subdivision of service was the best. The Navy recruiters used Bo Glenda Glenda Jackson to assist sell the thought saying, "Did you cognize Bo Jackson flew for the Blue Angels?!". They had postings of him on the wall in their office.

After the initial paper work I received a small achromatic id. card saying that I was in the early hitch program. I was showing it off at school thought I was all bad because I was going to the Navy.

A twelvemonth later I graduated. Then a calendar month after that Iodine was sent to be processed into boot camp.

Stay tuned for the adjacent episode where I explicate the arduous procedure of joining the Navy and going to boot camp.

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Friday, September 5, 2008

Trials and Tribulations - One Reason Why We Must Go Through These

For Our Sanctification in the Lord

This adjacent ground is not going to be a very popular ground for many Christians - but it is a very powerful ground nonetheless - and it is all for our ain good and for ain benefit.

The 2nd chief ground Supreme Being will let all of His ain to have got got different sorts of adversities, trials and trials come up our manner in this life is for our ain sanctification in Him.

Per the article we have titled "Sanctification," God's ultimate and peak purpose for all of us is our sanctification in Him. Supreme Being desires to do us more than holy like He and His Son Jesus. He desires to transform us into the express mental image of His Son Jesus Of Nazareth Christ. He desires to consecrate and set us apart unto Himself.

God is the Potter and we are the clay. He desires to mold, form and transform us into godly, righteous and holy saints. But this shaping, casting and transmutation procedure can be a very painful procedure at times. And at times, a certain amount of hardship and struggle is what Supreme Being will utilize to assist shape, cast and transform us. Some of the poetries I will name below are very extreme, but very powerful. In the diction of some of these poetries are some very profound and powerful disclosure being given to us by the Godhead as to why He is allowing some of these violent storm clouds to come up our manner in the first place.

A perfect illustration of this type of sanctification in action have to be with some of our soldiers who are returning back place from our warfare in Iraq, with many of them coming back place with some very terrible and serious injuries. Some have got literally lost weaponry and legs. I just recently saw two of them interviewed on TV. When asked if they were acrimonious or huffy as a consequence of the serious hurts they both had received, both of them responded back with some unbelievable statements.

Both of them said that the terrible and serious hurts that they had sustained actually helped them to go better people. The 1 miss interviewed said before she had received her serious injuries, that she was a very judgmental and critical person. They both had taken too much of their lives for given and really did not appreciate the small things of this life.

After sustaining these types of serious injuries, both of them said they are now much more than appreciative of every small thing in their lives. They now no longer take their lives for given like they used too, and they now see where their precedences should all be put at.

They now see what is most of import in this life. They now have got got got a fuller and deeper grasp of the value and holiness of human life, and they will never again take for given what clip they still have left down here to make something very meaningful and purposeful with their lives.

Instead of letting their serious hurts totally oppress and destruct their personal lives and what little clip they still have left down here, they are both using their personal trials and trials as a springtime board to go much better people - not only for themselves, but for their households and friends, and for the ends and aspirations that they desire to prosecute from this point on.

Adversity have a existent manner of humbling you. For those who are operating in too much pride, terrible hardship have a manner of knocking most of it right out of you. Once you see how weak you really are against the existent terrible violent storm clouds of this life, and that you really necessitate God's aid and counsel to do it through this life in one piece, many people can be brought completely down from their high Equus caballuses with one or two good torpedo shots.

This is why Supreme Being will let a certain amount of trials and trials to come up our manner in this life. These trials and trials will either do you or interruption you in your ain personal walking with the Lord. Put person through the fires of a existent testing and you will happen out very quickly what they are really made of.

Some people do their top paces in Negro spiritual development and personal growing in the center of these types of terrible violent storm clouds. There is something about terrible hardship that volition either make you to spiritually turn and mature in your walking with the Godhead very quickly or it will cause you to discontinue and throw in the towel on both Him and with what He desires to do with the remainder of your life.

Here are some of the positive qualities that tin literally be burned and molded into your personality as a consequence of going through some terrible violent storm clouds:










A calmer and more than than peaceful heart

A kinder, softer and more lovingness heart

Greater empathy and compassionateness for others

Greater grasp of the holiness of life

Greater grasp of the other people in your life

Increase your religion and trust degrees in the Lord

In improver to being able to cast and fire these sorts of positive qualities into your personality, trials and trials can also function to fire out some of the negative qualities that the Godhead really makes not desire operating in your personality such as as:









Bad tempers

Mean and vengeful spirits

Verbally and physically insulting spirits

Manipulating and controlling spirits

Know-it-all attitudesJudgmental and critical attitudes

Again, I cognize this is not a existent popular piece of disclosure being given to us by the Lord, but as you will see in the Bible poetries I will name below, this is one of the chief grounds that Supreme Being will let a certain amount of hardship to come up our manner in this life from clip to time.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Why, Where, Who, and When's

Any manner of life that affects Negro spiritual idea or should I state metaphysical thought can be termed some kind of a faith if there is a Deity or Deities that are venerated or worshiped. The root of the word "religion" can be establish as the Latin word religare (re: back, and ligare: to bind), so that one is tied to or bound to that rite that brands up that school of thought. The word relic come ups from a similar root as well as it intends "from the past." Living with different points of position consequences in different "dogma" whether it is "religious" or a life experience. Zen Buddhism Buddhism is be in a Zen state is to be a state of nothingness. Buddhism is more than of a manner of life as no "god" is venerated so I believe the word "organized" is the beginning of confusion of footing that most acquire tripped up on. All faiths have got got beginning points from aged faiths and all life experiences that represent a "metaphysical belief" system or under control regimen have common togs so to state that sticking with "one" faith or doctrine is a disputed point as they are all incorporate versions of each other in some sense.

Christianity itself is a composite of aged faiths and the split of St Martin Martin Luther in the twelvemonth 1517 along with the not so coinciding widespread usage of the Guttenberg printing press, began the different ways of "protesting religion" hence Protestantism. Catholicity itself is rooted and it's vacations based on the Supreme Being with the "halo" or Helios also known as Radium the Egyptian Sun God that was the footing of worship in King Constantine's Empire in 312 ad when the Holy Place Roman Catholic Church merged with the Paganism of Constantine I I to reform the full European Empire. Although howlings of protestation go on on to this twenty-four hours from theologists entrenched in Catholicism, ancient Mithraicism was an influence as well and much of the old fables cooccur with many of the principles of Christianity. Credence of new faiths required morphing of past rites in order for any new faith to boom and this is precisely how Catholicity did distribute with small opposition other than the Judaic order that knew Hebraism was the footing from whence the split developed in the first place. Until persecutions began after fanatic fiends convinced the faithful to fall back to bloody violence, Jews paid small head to the lifting of their holy words of the Old Testament because of this morphed transition.

One can believe in Buddhist rules and not be Buddhist. The credence of Jesus defines one as Christian. To be honorable Iodine don't divide hairs as millions of beingnesses on this Earth all believe in something different than the individual next to them and that includes those of the same faith. One's head make up one's minds what mental image their God is, not an organized faith and that is the point. The remainder is just argument over semantics of, why, where, who, and when. Here's the secret-No One Knows. The reading of that quotation mark itself is in the Rig Samhita one of the oldest spiritual textual matters in the world, predating the "Bible" by one thousands of years. What you believe and experience is totally different than the cat next to you no substance if you both are indoctrinated in the same religion. The abstract mental image that your encephalon bring forths is alone to you. Gods are creative activities of adult male and to acquire to divide and get totally technical over the four 'w's is mentally draining for me. It doesn't matter. Even Christianity, (that would be the new members that were converted to Hebraism without Circumcision or dietary laws) had over 17 religious sects by 100 ad all of which were radically different from each other.

In the end, you have got got the pick to believe in the ego and your ability to pull on the energy inside and that is the kernel of the metaphysical and hence religion's kernel as well, it just that we externalize those desires and feelings to solidify our security factor in Numbers and the manipulative powerfulness traders and self-seekers take advantage of it as they have throughout history. Are there a God? I believe so, therefore there is. Atheists may cringe at that idea but again, there is no absolute cogent evidence either manner and to cut down the argument to the usual Spaghetti Monster maneuver doesn't turn out or investigation what is deep seated in our human psyche. God? In what form? The reply is the word form I take as I can only believe for me. Only I can dwell my life and decease when the clip comes. No substance what your choice, your encephalon make up one's minds what imagination you choose, it is the lone thing you have, you are the lone individual that tin be in your world of life on Earth to think. I have got no usage for man-made ditherings of belief so I believe in the energy of life (God) and myself as the two are inseparable.

It takes strong belief and the way is only for those who are strong as it is the route not taken and it is the 1 way that acquires the most maltreatment from both god-fearing trusters and atheists (believe me). I don't really care, my life is full and my concerns few. I've died and gone over and as beautiful as the experience was, it is much better to be alive than absorbed by eternity. Live life fully and don't inquiry it's why, where, who, and when's."

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