Monday, April 28, 2008

Palestinian military court sentences convicted collaborator with Israel to death

: A Palestinian military tribunal on Monday imposed the decease punishment on a adult male convicted of collaborating with Israeli security, raising the possibility of the first such as executing in seven years.

Military Judges ruled that 25-year-old Emad Saad, who worked for Palestinian security, provided information that helped Israeli military units kill four Palestinian militants.

A picture recording shows the Judges declaring the decease sentence Monday. Then Saad calmly inquires for leniency, explaining he is the chief breadwinner for his family. He makes not deny the charges.

After the hearing, Samih Steidi, Hebron's Palestinian security commander, was pleased with the decease sentence. "Let it be an illustration to those who sell their fatherland and their people," he said.

He said Saad would be executed by a fire squad because of his military status. Today in Africa & Center East

However, decease sentences imposed by Palestinian tribunals have got often been commuted.

The last clip a convicted confederate was executed was in 2001. Palestinian Judges last sentenced an accused confederate to decease in 2004, but the edict have not been carried out.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas must approved Monday's decease sentence. Abbas adjutant Nimr Hamad did not state what the president would do, but he said an executing would function as deterrence.

He also complained about Israel's usage of collaborators. "I don't believe that peace with State Of State Of Israel should intend having to accept undercover agents for Israel. Peace is one thing and spying is another," he said. "There is enough ground for such as a punishment — that he caused the decease of Palestinian citizens."

A prima Palestinian rights group, the Palestinian Center for Person Rights, called on Abbas "not to subscribe this unkind and inhumane sentence."

Palestinians are harshly critical of people who supply State Of Israel with information about Palestinian militants. Suspected confederates are often killed vigilante-style, and their organic structures are sometimes tossed on streets or in refuse mopes as a warning to others.

Last year, Palestinian gunmen shot and killed a suspected confederate as he put on a infirmary bed, waiting for an X-ray, inch the Occident Depository Financial Institution metropolis of Nablus.

Israeli military units transport out frequent apprehension forays in the Occident Bank, rounding up suspected militants, relying on confederates for information about their whereabouts.

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

7/7 accused 'trained for jihad' - BBC News

A convicted al-Qaeda terrorist have told how one of the work force accused of helping the 7 July bombers trained for jihad.

Mohammed Junaid Babar, in jailhouse in the United States, told Kingston Crown Court Muhammad Shakil had attended a preparation encampment in Cashmere before 9/11.

Babar met Mister Shakil and Pb 7 July bomber Muhammad Sidique Caravansary in Islamic Republic Of Pakistan in 2003, the tribunal heard.

Mr Shakil, Waheed Muhammad Ali and a 3rd Leeds man, Sadeer Saleem, all deny conspiring to do an explosion.

They are accused of carrying out a reconnaissance trip to Greater London in December 2004.

During the trial's opening, the jury heard that Caravansary and Mister Shakil flew to Islamic Republic Of Pakistan in July 2003 to go to what the prosecution said was a preparation camp.

Appearing by a unafraid picture nexus from New York, Babar told the tribunal that he had pleaded guilty in 2004 to terrorism offences.

Al Qaeda fixer

Babar said that in July 2003 he had gone to Capital Of Pakistan Airport with another man, known only as Ausman, to pick up three British work force who were flying in to go to a preparation camp.

Babar had organise physical preparation and visible light ammo fire while Ausman had paid the £5,000 costs.

They said that they had already been for that type of preparation before and that there was no demand to travel through it again

Muhammad Babar

The two Leeds work force were on the same flight, the tribunal heard, but there to ran into another al-Qaeda fixer, known only as Khalid.

They were arriving to detect whether or not Islamic State Of Afghanistan was "open" for aliens to struggle jehad alongside the Taleban and others.

"Khalid was working for this individual called "Q" in England," said Babar.

"Khalid was running things for him in Pakistan. He was helping al-Qaeda with their needs. Khalid was running the operation for Q in Pakistan."

Babar said that he met Mister Shakil and Caravansary in the reachings hallway - and they used the anonyms "Zubair" and "Ibrahim".

They said they had arrived to happen out how easy it would be to struggle in Afghanistan, Babar told the court.

Kashmir training

Later, during a meeting at an Capital Of Pakistan apartment, the brace were asked if they wanted to go to the organised preparation camp.

Waheed Ali, Sadeer Saleem and Muhammad Shakil deny the charge

"They said that they had already been for that type of preparation before and that there was no demand to travel through it again," said Babar.

"Were they [Khan and Mister Shakil] together when they told you that?" asked Alice Paul Taylor, prosecuting.

"Yes," replied the American.

Khan told Babar that after the preparation in Kashmir, which took topographic point before 9/11, he had gone on to struggle in Afghanistan.

Asked what feeling he had of the two men, Babar said that they were "close friends". He said he had a clear thought of Khan's mental attitude towards jihad.

"His mental attitude at that clip was just towards Afghanistan," said Babar.

"And Zubair?" asked Mister Taylor.

"His was just the same. He was just interested in the jehad in Afghanistan."

The trial continues.

Trial coverage for the BBC News website: Saint Dominic Casciani

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Monday, April 14, 2008

US losing credibility over Iran - Albany Times Union

In the early years of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, then-Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld boldly warned Syrian Arab Republic -- and especially Islamic Republic Of Iran -- against intervening. He threatened the U.S. would throw them accountable.

It turned out to be another in the series of Shrub disposal large talking that clip exposed as hollow.

In the 6th twelvemonth of war, Islamic Republic Of Iran loomed as the elephant in the congressional Chambers where America's top commander, Gen. Saint David Petraeus, and Ambassador Ryan Crocker testified last week. In an computer address a twenty-four hours later, President Saint George W. Shrub made the same points.

The testimony and the presidential comments focused on the Numbers of American military personnel that stay committed on the battlefield, likely for the remainder of this twelvemonth or much of it.

However, hovering in the background was what had long been plain. It's no secret that Islamic Republic Of Iran have been deeply involved in Iraq. In fact, it have not one but two domestic dogs in the fight, supporting at assorted modern times and occasions either one or the other of the Shiite cabals that came to blows last calendar month in Basia and Baghdad. Perhaps even mentoring both at the same time.

Tehran back ups the Iraki Supreme Islamic Council in its attempts to make an independent Shiite physical thing in southern Iraq, next to Iran, where much of the country's oil militia are located. Muqtada al-Sadr caputs the most effectual Shiite militia, and opposes a separate region. His reserves was assaulted by the largely Shiite Iraki regular regular army in Basra.

When the Iraki army, on the orders of Prime Curate Nouri al-Malaki, attacked in Basia ostensibly to convey the Sadrist reserves and others under control, they were fought off.

A armistice was arranged by political parties negotiating in -- where else? -- Iran, where al-Sadr had gone, as he have in the past when he felt himself threatened, although on the surface he opposed Persian hegemonic ambitions.

Ambassador Crocker set his finger on what is going on, saying that Islamic Republic Of Islamic Republic Of Islamic Republic Of Iran is pushing the "Lebanonization" of Iraq, by supporting reserves and other placeholders to make its bidding, much as it have successfully accomplished in Lebanon.

Gen. Petraeus said Teheran was playing a "destructive role" by supplying sophisticated weaponry, including 107-mm rockets that were fired at the Green Zone where the U.S. embassy and military central office and the Iraki authorities are located, while also fielding Iranian-trained "special groups" in the current fighting.

Endorsing Petraeus' troop degree recommendations, Shrub reiterated for the umpteenth clip the warning for Iran not to make what it have been doing all along, training, supplying and support the militants.

"America will move to protect our involvements and our military personnel and our Iraki partners," he asserted. Just how the U.S. would make what it have not been able to make so far was left unexplained.

On the 1 hand, Teheran have been changeless in demanding an American withdrawal. On the other hand, having much-stressed U.S. military units mired in Republic Of Iraq would apparently profit it to the grade that it impairs Washington's options.

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Friday, April 11, 2008

US stalls on Iraq amnesty order - BBC News

The United States armed forces states it will go on to throw Iraki news photographer Bilal Husain while it reexamines a authorities amnesty order.

The Associated Press (AP) adult male have been held for two old age on intuition of helping Iraki insurgents.

But Iraki Judges on Wednesday dismissed the accusals and ordered his release under this year's Amnesty Law.

A United States armed forces spokesman said Mister Husain would still be held as a "terrorist" menace pending a reappraisal of the order.

Lt Cdr Kenneth E. G. Marshall said the order related to only one of the complaints against Mister Hussein.

Cdr E. G. Marshall said: "An amnesty panel have concluded that one of the complaints is covered by amnesty; a separate panel considering the other complaint have not yet announced its conclusion."

He added: "By its ain terms, the Amnesty Law makes not purport to oblige release of political detainees in [US] hold facilities."

The United States states it have a United Nations Security Council authorization to detain anyone believed to be a security risk, notwithstanding Iraki judicial orders.

'Do the right thing'

AP states Mister Husain was taken into detention in April 2006 after sheltering aliens in his place followers an detonation near his place in Falluja.

The United States armed forces states the photographer aroused intuition as he was often at the scene of belligerent attacks.

It states soldiers setting up an observation station entered his place and allegedly establish bomb-making materials and propaganda.

AP president Uncle Tom Curley have said functionaries must "finally make the right thing" and free Mister Hussein.

The Person Rights Watch grouping also appealed for his release.

"The United States armed forces held Bilal Husain for nearly two old age without charging, then transferred him to the Iraki justness system, which apparently sees no ground to detain him," said the group's Center East director, Joe Stork.

Mr Husain was portion of an AP photograph squad that South Korean won a Joseph Pulitzer Prize in 2005.

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Friday, April 4, 2008

Nigeria: Islamic Organisation Slams Anti-Islam Film -


Organisation of the Muslim Conference (OIC) grouping in New House Of York have strongly condemned the "blasphemous" Dutch movie and demanded legal action against its release.

The demand for legal action against the Dutch authorities was made in a statement issued by Pakistan's U.N. Ambassador Munir Akram in his capacity as president of the OIC group.

The statement was made available to the News Agency of Federal Republic Of Nigeria (NAN) at the United Nations in New York.

"The movie falsifies the message of Islamism by selective and out of textual matter citation as well as biased reading of the poetries of the Holy Place Qu'ran," it said.

The OIC grouping said the movie violated assorted articles of the International Convention on Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights that forbid any advocacy of racial or spiritual hatred.

"The movie is an enactment of spiritual hate and a racialist and xenophobic effort to progress a narrow political docket and would merely function to upset peace, stableness and societal harmoniousness within and among states," the statement noted.

"For the Muslims around the world, it is an effort to hinder the enjoyment of the right to drill and apparent their faith without fearfulness or coercion, particularly for those who dwell in non-Muslim countries," it added.

Relevant Links

The grouping urged all concerned political parties to exercise their attempts to forestall additional airing of this "provocative film" as it would sabotage the in progress attempts to advance peaceful coexistence.

"Despite this blazing provocation, Muslims have got shown restraint and responsibility.

"However, return of similar offenses could trip wider anger, a substance that underscores the demand for a joint committedness to demo sensitiveness and regard for the faith and belief of others in conformity with international law," it stated.(NAN)

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