Monday, April 28, 2008

Palestinian military court sentences convicted collaborator with Israel to death

: A Palestinian military tribunal on Monday imposed the decease punishment on a adult male convicted of collaborating with Israeli security, raising the possibility of the first such as executing in seven years.

Military Judges ruled that 25-year-old Emad Saad, who worked for Palestinian security, provided information that helped Israeli military units kill four Palestinian militants.

A picture recording shows the Judges declaring the decease sentence Monday. Then Saad calmly inquires for leniency, explaining he is the chief breadwinner for his family. He makes not deny the charges.

After the hearing, Samih Steidi, Hebron's Palestinian security commander, was pleased with the decease sentence. "Let it be an illustration to those who sell their fatherland and their people," he said.

He said Saad would be executed by a fire squad because of his military status. Today in Africa & Center East

However, decease sentences imposed by Palestinian tribunals have got often been commuted.

The last clip a convicted confederate was executed was in 2001. Palestinian Judges last sentenced an accused confederate to decease in 2004, but the edict have not been carried out.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas must approved Monday's decease sentence. Abbas adjutant Nimr Hamad did not state what the president would do, but he said an executing would function as deterrence.

He also complained about Israel's usage of collaborators. "I don't believe that peace with State Of State Of Israel should intend having to accept undercover agents for Israel. Peace is one thing and spying is another," he said. "There is enough ground for such as a punishment — that he caused the decease of Palestinian citizens."

A prima Palestinian rights group, the Palestinian Center for Person Rights, called on Abbas "not to subscribe this unkind and inhumane sentence."

Palestinians are harshly critical of people who supply State Of Israel with information about Palestinian militants. Suspected confederates are often killed vigilante-style, and their organic structures are sometimes tossed on streets or in refuse mopes as a warning to others.

Last year, Palestinian gunmen shot and killed a suspected confederate as he put on a infirmary bed, waiting for an X-ray, inch the Occident Depository Financial Institution metropolis of Nablus.

Israeli military units transport out frequent apprehension forays in the Occident Bank, rounding up suspected militants, relying on confederates for information about their whereabouts.

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