Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Navy Stories Episode 1 - The Introduction

The Decision To Join

For as long as I can retrieve I wanted to be a Navy SEAL. I believe it is because of a combination of reasons. Both my father and blood brother were in the Army and they both are really into sports. My father always talked about being person large and being my ain man. Iodine wanted to to make something to exceed them and to affect them.

I retrieve thinking that Navy SEALs are the best of the best and that is what I desire to be.

Notes: sealing wax is an acronym for SEa. Air and Land. Which intends they can run trading operations and onslaught the enemy from any geographical country or terrain. Navy SEALs are the most elite armed military units particular forces unit of measurement in the world. They have got the most hard preparation known to man. The SEALs are trained to never discontinue no substance what. This doctrine of strength in the individual brands them virtually unstoppable as a team.

I don't retrieve the exact day of the month I told my parents about joining the Navy but I cognize It was sometime during my junior twelvemonth of high school. My ma was not too happy about it but she wouldn't state me not to go. My ses were concerned but it was peace clip at the time. My blood blood brother was always a small tough on me and I retrieve my brother saying, "So you desire to be a bad buttocks huh? When you acquire back I am just going to kick your ass. Just to demo you how bad buttocks you aren't. Hahaha!"

I retrieve telling my dada that I wanted to travel to the Navy to go a SEAL. He gave me a public lecture about the military and agreed that I should travel if that is what I really wanted to do. My father was drafted into the Army for 2 old age during the Socialist Republic Of Vietnam era. He explained to me the difference between wanting to go, and being drafted, but I was very determined at that clip to go the best so I did not care.

One twenty-four hours the recruiters came to my school and gave some addresses and walked around talking to the pupils and went ahead I enlisted during my junior twelvemonth of high school. I joined the early hitch programme so I would be ready to travel as soon as I graduated.

The Recruiter's

Those recruiters really sock it to you with the motivational addresses and bullshit, but when you are immature they are very impressive people. They will pretty much state you anything to acquire you in.

When I went to the recruiter's business office he showed me assorted pictures of Navy sealing wax preparation to demo me how difficult it was. The pictures showed them holding boats over their caputs and running pathetic distances. They did dozens of different callisthenics and really tough preparation procedures. They showed them infiltrating and taking over buildings, etc. Iodine was not deterred by the training. I felt like I would be able to manage it. The recruiter was surprised at how determined I was to be a SEAL. He said that most of the people he demoes the pictures alteration their head right away.

I had been approached by other recruiters from different subdivisions before but I chose the Navy instead. It was entertaining observation the recruiters reason that their subdivision of service was the best. The Navy recruiters used Bo Glenda Glenda Jackson to assist sell the thought saying, "Did you cognize Bo Jackson flew for the Blue Angels?!". They had postings of him on the wall in their office.

After the initial paper work I received a small achromatic id. card saying that I was in the early hitch program. I was showing it off at school thought I was all bad because I was going to the Navy.

A twelvemonth later I graduated. Then a calendar month after that Iodine was sent to be processed into boot camp.

Stay tuned for the adjacent episode where I explicate the arduous procedure of joining the Navy and going to boot camp.

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Dude where are u from? Your desire to be a Frogman is admirable, but your attitude is corny. You probably should some more research on what it takes to become a SEAL and learn about the type of people who make it through BUD/S.
I'm looking forward to the part where you "cognize" you can't hack it and ring out!
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